Finger-clip heart rate sensor

I was trying sensor on raspberry pi3. In the beginning, sensor working fine, can sense 60-70 heart beat. But after several minute, it keep show ‘error’. Have tried to unplug, on off raspberry pi, but doesn’t work. May I know how to solve this error feedback?
OR how to check is the sensor not working? I can see the green light is blinkingfinger%20sensor%20error

Hi @cheeyulau,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll have a look at it.

In the mean time, can you give us a link of the heart rate sensor you’re using? We want to be sure we’re talking about the same product.

Thank you!


Here is the link that i mentioned

Have try use sudo ic3detect -y 1 scan my device, result shows below. (2.56 KB)