Firmware update Gopigo3

I have a classroom set of GoPiGo3s and several of them won’t work because they say they need a firmware update. I have tried to update the firmware from the command line and from the desktop( . Although it doen’t give a direct error message, the firmware doens’t get updated. Is there another way to do it beside those two methods?

Hi @johnstreety,

The firmware should not be failing, unless there’s a hardware issue, but I doubt there’s one since it behaves similarly on multiple ones.

Before flashing those GoPiGo3s, you have got to be sure you’re using a Raspberry Pi 2 or a Pi 3, as on older versions of the Raspberry Pi it won’t work. Can you confirm us you’re using either Pi 2s or 3s?

What I can suggest you is update the GoPiGo3 library with the following command and then run the firmware updater again:

curl -kL | sudo bash

After you do this and then burn the firmware, the robot will have to be working.

Thank you!

What is the error message that you’re getting?

You will find the firmware in /home/pi/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Firmware
In that same folder there’s the script to flash the firmware.