Firmware Update

Hi I’ve updated by standard Raspian image as opposed to downloading the DI image. Can you tell me how I go about running the firmware update please as the web instructions assume you have an icon on the desktop ?

Hello catretriever, have you seen the library on github for GoPiGo?

You should clone it and run the setup files under /Setup, that should get you the latest.


I just received the GoPiGo and have the same problem.
Updated my Rasbianimage,
How to run which files in /Setup
There is no DIupdate visible on my desktop

Thanks for help

I am in the GoPiGo directory however I cannot set to the files in Setup I notice that the directory is blue. Does that mean anything

Most probably you are not logged on as root user and are logged on as “pi” that’s why it shows up as blue.

There is nothing to be worried about.