Firmware V16 reproduction


I try to reproduce the same hex file of the firmware v16 (

Does someone know the version of Arduino IDE which has been used to produce this version of the firmware ? currently I used version 1.0.5 r2 of the IDE because I see this here How to recompile GoPiGo Firmware from scratch? but I don’t obtain the same hex file as the official one.

And does someone try to recompile the firmware v16 and to upload it on the GoPiGo board (even if the hex file is different from the official one) ?

Thank you in advance.


It doesn’t really matter whether the hexfile is of the same size or not, since different compilers of different versions will compile the same source file differently and at the end you’ll stil get the same outcome.

Could you please tell us why do you want to get the same hexfile size after you compile?
What do you want to achieve?

Thank you!


I want to be sure that I could reproduce identicaly the firmware in order to modify it then.

But you’re right, the size is not a matter.