First installation, GrovePi startup problem


I succesfully flashed raspian for robots (2018.06.27) to my sd card with etcher. Inserted my sd card in my raspberrypi/grovepi, connected ethernet to my laptop and power supply. First 30 secconds I have a red led and blinking green red. Afterwards only red led stays on, no connection made however when i try dex.local. Tried to re-install the image several times but without succes.

Any suggestions for solving this problem? Thanks

Hello @Applebaum,

Flashing Raspbian for Robots and booting up is only the first step. Then you have to be able to connect to the Raspberry Pi.
There are basically two approaches for this.

  1. connect keyboard, mouse and screen to the Pi, so you will be able to enter the wifi information that will put the Pi onto your network.
  2. use an ethernet cable connected to your laptop or directly into your network router. If you’re on Windows, this approach also requires the installation of the Bonjour software.

The steps are detailled in this tutorial.

If these are the steps you’ve followed and you can’t connect to http://dex.local, you might want to try to enter dex/ into the URL field of your browser (no http, just dex/)