Fish feeder by Max


Just wanted to share a project we are working with my 6 year old son, Max. Idea: press button to dispense fish food, take a picture of the fish, send picture to a mobile phone. For HW we are using Raspi3, GrovePi, PivotPi, buzzer, button, servo, LCD display, and camera. Python for SW. Freecad for 3D design. Creality CR-10 for 3D printing.

Fish Feeder v1:

Fish Feeder v1 in production:

Fish Feeder v2, What’s new:

Fish Feeder v2, How it works:

Fish Feeder v2, Freecad:

Max is interested in hearing suggestions for new features.


Hi @roman7927,

We really love your project and the effort you have put in to make that work. Really awesome! That’s a really awesome team! And we’re really thrilled to see our GrovePi/PivotPi put to real use in such a beautiful manner (along with 3D printed components).

By the way, how are you sending the pictures to your phone?
And what about also sending pictures to your phone when the camera sees moving fish? That might be cool, isn’t it Max?

Thank you!

Hi @roman7927 and Max
This is totally awesome! I bet you have happy fish now!

I might borrow a few of your ideas for my dog. He deserves an automated feeder too!

Thanks for kind words and feedback guys! Max really enjoys working on Grove based robots!

Here’s a post on the second project called Doorlock