[Fixed] Desktop GoPiGo3 Control Panel Not Connecting

I’m running Rasbian for Robots and just did a software and firmware update. After the updates, I’m getting a popup indicating that the “GoPiGo3 Control Panel” on the desktop can’t connect to the robot. I can successfully run python scripts directly that use EasyGoPiGo3 class.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but when I start “Scratch for Robots” from the desktop, the interface comes up, but the “Scratch Controller” window that is supposed to appear doesn’t come up.

Any thoughts?

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Your best bet would be to contact support@modrobotics.com

However here are a couple of questions.
How did you do the software update?

Are you using Raspbian for Robots Buster, or Raspbian for Robots Stretch?


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Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I did the software update with the “DI Software Update” script on the desktop. I’m using Raspbian for Robots Stretch.

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I think I have found the issue. I had requested a change to easygopygo3.py to allow the EasyGoPiGo3 class to be extended when using Python3. It turns out that the change fixed the issue for Python3, but broke the code for Pytyon2. I was able to fix the broken apps locally and have forwarded the information on the fix to support@modrobotics.com.

Sorry for any issues that my request may have caused.


Thanks for the debugging. The fix is in.