FTDI adapter for Arduberry

Are the connections of the pin correct and where to connect the other two?

For the holes circled in red, what are those?

Hey arvin946,
You should not use the FTDI like the picture above. The 6 pin header in the first picture is not the FTDI header, it is the standard power header. The red circle in the second picture is the ISP programmer header which is connected to SPI for uploading code from something like the AVRISP mkII programmer. You will have to use the connections something like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Examples-2-Use-an-Arduino-as-a-FTDI-Progr/. If you are planning to upload firmware via the FTDI header, then you’ll have to burn the bootloader too.


Can I use this FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V to program the arduberry and connect it to the pins that you linked? Thanks


I used a Sparkfun FTDI Breakout Board. Are the connections correct?

The connections look good to me. Can you just make sure that you are using a 5V FTDI chip and not a 3.3V one.


Yup. Thank you :slight_smile: