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Will BrickPi work with Lego ev3 components?

Hello Talasinski,
The BrickPi will work with EV3 motors.
The BrickPi will not work with EV3 sensors.
The BrickPi will work with NXT sensors.


I am French and I would pre-order the BrickPi for delivery in France, but in the pre-order page there are many destination countries but not France :frowning:
How can I do to make deliver me in France?
Thanks !!

Are there any plans to support EV3 sensors? NXT kits seem to no longer be available, except at extortionist rates on eBay and Amazon. My local Lego store here in the US hasn’t had NXT on the shelves for a year now.

@MKPRods, you can order through our European distributor generation robots here:

@BPB: We’ll try, but that’s a few months off. I wouldn’t bank on it right now, we’re not certain it’s possible.

Think this is sort of general discussion…

I am developing a secret project (lol). It requires the use of at least 3 stepper motors. I was convinced by a group that works with Rasberry Pi and HMI that I needed an Ingenia HYDRA control for the stepper motor. That was when I was only planning on using 1 stepper motor. That board cost me $350 and I’m told it isn’t recommended to use the HYDRA for more than one stepper motor. So 3 HYDRA’s = $1000+

The more I research the Rasberry Pi, the more I’m convinced I can control all three steppers without an intermediate control board such as the Ingenia HYDRA.

Anyone have experience with this? I am a mechanical engineer, but just started my Rasberry Pi endeavor. I should also note I am a software developer as well… and have been developing software for the last 12 years full time. The company I’m dealing with wants to do my first prototype from end to end (programming) to speed up my process (Using the Ingenia HYDRA)… but, I think this should be simple enough to do myself.

@wtsu, any data sheet on those Ingenia HYDRAs?

i got LEGO Mindstorms NXT and Ruspberry PI3.
I like to control all NXT sensors with my ruspbery Pi3. which of your product will work?

The Brickpi is what you are looking for!

It supports NXT