Getting Started First Time GoPiGo

How do I determine the IP address for the VNC viewer to connect to Pi2. Or latter when I use putty to SSH to the Pi2 how do I know the IP address?



Hey bjaffa,
If you have an apple product, you can find it by typing “raspberrypi.local” where the IP address would go. Try pinging “ping raspberrypi.local” on a computer on the same network or connected via ethernet.

If you have a PC, you can install Bonjour, which will allow you to find the Pi with the address “raspberrypi.local” as well.

If that leaves you more confused, can you tell me how you’re trying to connect to the Pi, and what you’ve done already? And just to confirm, you’re using the Dexter Industries image?



Thanks John I got it to work & I did have the Dexter image.