Getting there from here - programmatically disabling access point mode?

@cleoqc (along with anyone else who may have a clue)

As currently deployed, there are TWO different things that must be done to permanently disable access-point mode in the GoPiGo O/S:

  • Navigate to the GoPiGo O/S web page at (or “localhost” if you’re directly connected), click on the WiFi signal icon, and then set a connection to the WiFi network of choice,

And THEN you have to. . .

  • Execute
    sudo systemctl disable start_as_access_point.service
    in a terminal window.

Note that neither one alone is sufficient, you must do BOTH in order to succeed.

Question for Nicole:
I would like to be able to create a script or something that I can execute when I start a new GPGOS image to configure it to the way I want it.  That is, I want to connect it to network “X”, disabling access-point mode, edit a few files, and install some programs that I always use, (like gddrescue and gparted, etc.).

Theoretically, (:man_facepalming:), I can write a script that will do everything I want, EXCEPT setting up the network mode and credentials the way I want them to be set up.

So, the musical question becomes:
:notes:  How do I programmatically accomplish what changing the network mode in the web page does?  :notes:


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