Getting WiFi Connectivity


I’m having an issue connecting to my WiFi network. When booting the GoPiGo with dongle plugged in, the GoPiGo never makes it to the desktop. Since there is a black screen where no commands can be entered when I try to SSH, I assume the system is stuck in a loop trying to figure out what the device is. Changing ports does not resolve the issue.

When plugging in the dongle post-boot, I continue to get the error message “Could not get status from wpa_supplicant”.

Manually setting up network configuration as per the site below does not get connectivity as expected.

Does anyone know what’s going on?


Have you tried to install Bonjour Printer Services?

you can download here:

this needs to be downloaded to connect to the Pi

Install this and then try to connect to GoPiGo threw SSH

Host name : raspberrypi.local
Port : 22

If you changed your host name in raspi-config then replace raspberrypi in front of local to the hostname of the pi

Let me know if this works

As for setting up the Wifi usb dongle to connect to the network i would connect the pi to a monitor with HDMI and run the GUI and type wpa_gui into the terminal and press scan double click your network, type password. This is another way to solve your wifi connection issue

Hey HeliosONe, I’m a little confused about what you’re seeing. Are you connecting an HDMI monitor to the Pi when booting and seeing it freeze up?

Hey all,

Bonjour is installed. I know it can detect the raspberry pi because I’m getting a response from pinging raspberrypi.local over ethernet.

Plugging in the dongle doesn’t work because the pi refuses to boot to desktop. It will run through about 30 sec of the boot up process and then black screen. Plugging in the dongle after the pi has successfully booted doesn’t work either because the device isn’t detected (no response from wpa supplicant).

Ok, so it sounds like you’re trying to boot the Pi with the HDMI monitor connected, and that’s freezing up and not arriving at the Desktop. If you power up the Pi with the HDMI monitor, it never gets to the Desktop. Is that correct?

Let’s go one step at a time here though. Let’s figure out the HDMI issue first, then switch to wifi.

So, if you’re not able to plug the HDMI in, power up the Pi, and see the LXE desktop, the image might be corrupted.

Do you see a list of commands fly by on the monitor? What command does it stop at?

If it’s freezing before you see the desktop, it might be a corrupted sd card. If that’s the case, you might want to try re-installing Raspbian first.

So it will boot up to desktop if the dongle is not plugged in. It won’t boot if the dongle is. Plugging in the dongle after the fact yields a functional boot to desktop, but with no dongle usability.

HDMI output works fine, no issues there.


Thats unique

Have you considered reinstalling the Operating System

I had to a couple of times

**Still learning myself

Still curious about this though; it may help to reinstall the image on the SD card as dawizard suggests.

Which wifi dongle are you using?

Plugging in the dongle after the fact yields a functional boot to desktop, but with no dongle usability.

When you plugin the dongle after booting, and run “ifconfig” what do you see?

Ditto for when you run “lsusb”.

Does the device show up after either command?