Today I launched GitHub and discovered that they decided to launch a new “feature” - the Command Palette - and that they had enabled it in my user-space without allowing me to choose first.

It’s bad enough that I have to chase Microsoft and their updates around when they break my stuff, (and I am researching dumping Windows and moving to Mint full-time), I don’t need GitHub doing that too.

Here is the posting, verbatim.

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Today, I received a pop-up about a new feature - the Command Palette - that was attached to my userspace and enabled - without my consent - or at least without my explicit consent.  There’s probably some catch-all legal :poop: in the Terms Of Service that says they can do whatever they :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: well please.

At risk of sounding snarky, has GitHub been bought by Google, Facebook, (Meta), Microsoft or some other slimeware vendor?

What makes ANY company think that I want people messing with my stuff behind my back?

What makes ANY company think that this is OK in general?

Would it be OK if I went into YOUR house and changed the furniture around or re-decorated behind your back?  Or suddenly set things up with the city so that you need a “permit” (a secure certificate that costs money), just to park in your own driveway?

I just don’t understand the arrogance of this kind of thinking.

I am already having enough trouble as it is trying to develop on a Microsoft-based system where they honestly believe that they have the God-given right to sneak onto my machine and change carefully crafted preferences, settings, and applications behind my back - all under the guise of it being a “security” update?  As a consequence, things that worked yesterday stop working today and I waste literally HOURS looking for a regression in my code that turns out was a change Microsoft made while I was asleep so that their marketing guys have a reason to exist.

Yes.  I am upset.  I already have enough trouble trying to maintain a stable development platform as it is.  Please don’t make it even worse.

If you want to make improvements or enhancements to improve our “experience” or make things better with our workflow, or whatever, go right ahead.  All I ask is that you tell me about the change, perhaps even explain how things will be so much better because of it, and then allow me to choose if I want it or not.

What say ye?


There’s an update that makes GitHub’s behavior crystal clear:

Sigh. . . .

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I don’t see it on GitHub. Apparently it’s in limited beta.
How did it mess up your code - from what I read it seems like it’s just keyboard shortcuts.

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It didn’t mess up my code, (I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself!), but I have a deep-rooted objection to folks rocking the boat.

I’ve been burnt too many times. . .

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