GoBox/GoPiGo Ethernet first connection issue[SOLVED]

we finally assambled our GoPiGo2 (from kickstarter) but we have a problem - nothing happened after ethernet cable connection.
Leds are not blinking at all, only after poweron they blink for the very short moment.
I tried with 3 different computers: Win 8,1 and Win10, i changed cable - nothing helped.

I had a similar problem, due to weak batteries. If the 8-battery pack puts out around 8.5 Volts, that’s not enough. Fresh batteries should show around 12.5 Volts.

Another possibility is that the microSD card didn’t get set up right. If you power up the Raspberry Pi card from a 2V (or higher) usb charger, and connect through the HDMI video port and a USB keyboard and mouse, you should see a more-or-less normal Raspberry Pi display (the icons will be different, no Mathematica, etc.) Then set up your LAN connection (WIFI or Ethernet) for SSH, and you should be good to go.

I use almost new original NI-MH eneloop 1.2v min1900 mAh, i don’t think it is a problem. Btw i used wall adapter - no changes.
SD-card is empty (no visible files in explorer), is it Ok?

I take it you’re using a Windows computer, so it probably won’t recognize the files on the SD card. Can you hook up a television or monitor to the Raspberry Pi and see if the card boots up into the desktop?

If not, or if that isn’t a possibility, how did you put the OS image on the SD card? (Or did you get a preloaded card?) On Windows, they recommend using the Win32DiskImager program to set up the card - see http://www.dexterindustries.com/howto/install-raspbian-for-robots-image-on-an-sd-card/.

I tried to connect monitor - nothing happened. I’ve got preloaded card, but it is empty 7.38 free from 7.38gb, now i’m trying to install raspbian on it :slight_smile:

Just as well, I had a preloaded card that dated back to January - the most recent OS image is April, and runs the newer “Jessie” kernel. Also supports my RPi 3’s wifi card.

Should i make this after first install “The first time you run the new SD Card in your Raspberry Pi, you should make a few adjustments.” or just put it in?
Sorry for noob questions, thi is my first arduino.

I think the “first time” stuff allows you to configure some things, for example if the SD card is bigger than 4GB it’ll make use of the additional space. Go ahead and do that, it shouldn’t hurt anything.

Umm, this isn’t an Arduino, is it? That’s a different brand and design of single-board computer, doesn’t have a micro-SD card slot (and is usually a blue circuit board). Not a generic name, even if my department chair seems to be unclear about that :slight_smile:

raspberrypi :slight_smile:
thx for help, now it looks ok!
Have a nice day.