Gobox missions for existing gopigo owners?

I bought Gopigo2 as a holiday gift for my boys (ages 8 and 4) based on a recommendation I read somewhere on the internet. I’m very happy and I can tell this is going to keep all three of us stimulated for a good while.

I’ve only just discovered the GoBox option and I now wish I had known about the kickstarter campaign! But I didn’t. So now that we already have the Gopigo2 is there a way for us to add a subscription to the missions (perhaps a little bit more cheaply than the $349 price)? I don’t see such an option listed anywhere… Surely there are other existing Gopigo users like I who would be happy to pay a fair price (I understand that kickstarter backers might get a better deal). But I don’t see any such option in the store. Will this be an option?


Hey Jonathan, I’m sorry for the long lag in response. We really want to set this up, and we’re currently trying. Our limitation right now is our website; we run Wordpress and the Strip plugin for credit cards, which is how we would setup payment for this, is not currently supporting recurring transfers. We’ve been promised support for this in the next update, this month. If that works, we’ll have it setup for our customers asap. I’m really sorry about the delay!