GoBox missions with DexterOS & Bloxter

We have the GoPiGo2 and we have a few missions we still haven’t gotten around to yet. Specifically, we’re ready to the do the remote control mission and the line follower mission. We updated to DexterOS (love the interface and ease connection) recently without thinking about how this may affect our ability to complete those missions.

Should we be able to figure them out with Bloxter and the new OS? I noticed that some sensor connections in Bloxter say “coming soon” so I’m wondering if we’ll have to wait a bit more to tackle those.

Thank you!

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Hello @rexmagoo,
Thanks for trying out DexterOs, I hope you like it.
Unfortunately the line follower isn’t supported in Bloxter 1.0.1 but it’s being planned for and worked on. I can’t give you a timeline for it yet but it’s one of our priorities for sure.
In the meantime you could do your remaining missions with Raspbian for Robots. There is no harm in switching back and forth between the two OSes


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