GoBox - no communication with computer

GOBOX- robot can’t communicate with computer. Tried pc and mac.
It did comunícate in its first try, I pinged it, and the robot was able to cmunicate back “pinged marco, answered polo” .
I then tried to repeat it, for the next steps, and was not able to do so. It seems that initislly the LEDs of the Ethernet connector do light up, but afterwards, they don’t light up again.

When you plug in the power do any lights come on? If they do, do you have an HDMI monitor or TV? Or any way to hook it up to a screen? I’d like to see if that even works.

Yes, we do have TVs with HDMI, how can we connect it?

Just get an HDMI cable and connect it then check to make sure your TV is set to the right input. Plug in the power. Also make sure you have a mouse and/or keyboard to turn the pi off. Of course you can also just use it that way. Though you probably want the connection with your computer to work. Anyways I want to see if everything looks normal.

It does sound like you have a bad boot-up sequence going on. Checking with a connection to your TV is a sure way of confirming this.
If the Ethernet LEDS don’t light up when the Ethernet cable is properly connected at both ends, that’s usually a sign the Pi is not booting up.

I’m mostly curious about what changed between your first successful ping and the unsuccessful ones that followed?

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