GoBox subscription for those that already have the GoPiGo2?

My son just received the GoPiGo2 for his birthday and we started putting it together last night. Today I learned about the GoBox subscription but noticed there’s only the one option that involves purchasing the GoPiGo, Raspberry Pi, etc. I was wondering if you will be offering the GoBox subscription at a lower price as an add on for those people, like us, who already have the GoPiGo?

If not, maybe you could make the mission books and links to the needed accessories for each mission available somehow?

Hey Rex, so happy to hear from you! We’re working on a solution for this, but it’s custom. If you contact us here: http://dexterindustries.com/contact

Taryn or Amber will help set you up!

Thanks again Rex!!

Thank you, John! I’ll do that now.