GoBox - What all do you get in the First Box

We just got our First Box of the Subscription with the GoPiGo3 Base Kit and the Raspberry Pi 3 and the DexterOS Dexter USB Drive. On the Instruction page and in the picture of the GoPiGo subscription it talks about and shows a camera and other possible sensors. I have been trying to find a link or page that shows me what actual components come with the the First Box and then the boxes there after.

Is there a link to something like that? Not just a list of Missions but the actual hardware.

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This is the best I can do for you:

The main “Go Box” page:

The first “mission” comes with the basic GoPiGo-3 'bot and some stuff.  I’ve never messed with the Missions, I’ve bought the hardware I have as I’ve gone along and am basically doing self-directed learning.

“Missions and Parts Only” if you already have a GoPiGo-3:

If you have any more particular questions, you can ask here - or you can use the “message us” links at the bottom of those two pages to send an e-mail to Modular Robotics support.

In any event, don’t forget to have fun!  The GoPiGo is a fun robot to play with, that you won’t outgrow in the next fifteen minutes.

Hello @guntercherise

In your first mission, you will only get the gopigo3 itself and none of the extra hardware. The missions are meant to use extra sensors and actuators that are easily added. The camera is not one of them.

What you will be getting is what’s in this pack, plus a servo and distance sensor.

I hope this helps!


If I could throw my two cents in - you might want to get the camera anyway, as there are aspects of the lessons in the latest GoPiGo O/S that make use of the camera.

Especially the “driving around” part.  If the camera is present, (and enabled), the “Drive” tab gives you a window of what the camera sees, so you get the whole “FPV” effect and it makes driving the GoPiGo around much more fun and interesting.


May be some useful info here:

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All GoBox missions can be found under ‘Robot Subscriptions’ in our GoLabs page:


There’s some pretty cool third-party projects on the main page too!

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