Google Cloud Vision API ERROR

I was following the Dexter Introduction Video for Google’s Cloud Vision API.
Everything seems OK but after I put the Google Credentials and running the Vision Logo I got this error message. Any ideas how to solve it?



This error is new to me. From some googling, it looks like a dependent library in Python was updated recently. The best solution I could find so far might be this one:

run pip install --upgrade pyasn1-modules
run sudo pip install --upgrade pyasn1-modules

Does that help?

Im getting the same error. I tried the code you provided but it isnt working.

Did you try to upgrade the pip installs? Was the error exactly the same?

I’m a teacher working with jmsrbriggs2018 on this project. He did try the pip upgrades, but got the same error. I tried all the steps myself on a fresh install and got the same errors. Our STEM fair is tomorrow if you have any suggestions (the Pi’s are at school now, but can try some things tomorrow)