Google vision API


I’m trying to run the google vision API that is described in this tutorial.

When I try to run python3 I get an error about the google module missing.

Can anyone help me with this?


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Can you tell us what system you are trying to run it on and what operating system (and version) you’re using?

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I’m using a raspberry PI 3 model B, running raspian.

After seeing your question I realised I should probably try on my Pi 4. Didn’t even know I was using my older pi. I will do a fresh install on the pi 4 and try again.

Do you know if the git file are still current? I’m in a little over my head here

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The version of the Pi is less important than the software you are using and what robot you are using it on.

We really don’t know what you’re doing unless you tell us, and these details can be critically important.

Please give us the details about the system you are using so we can help you most efficiently.


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I was using an old install raspbian from a couple years ago. I wanted to save time by not having to set up a new VPN.
I guess that was my problem. I will download and install the Raspbian for robots and try again tomorrow.

Thank you for your replay. I will give an update when I try again.

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First, what robot are you using?

This is critical information and we cannot help you properly without knowing.

Second, Raspbian for robots is no longer supported.

If you are using a GoPiGo-3, please download GoPiGo O/S.

If you are using something else let us know the robot or system you are using so I can advise you correctly.

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I don’t have a robot. I’m just using a raspberry pi with a camera

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That’s a problem.

The Dexter Industries software assumes that you are using a supported robot or daughter board, and was not designed to be used stand-alone.

Note that all the libraries have a hard dependency on the presence of a robot, with the “pi” user as the primary user with a password of “robots1234”

I am not saying that you can’t try it, but our ability to help you may be limited.

One thing that you can try is an Ubuntu install and then curl the appropriate libraries with “pi” as the primary user. You can search for “Ubuntu” and “curl” to see what has been done before.

There is almost a 100% chance that the Dexter operating systems and libraries won’t work because the libraries will fail without an installed robot. That’s the first test the software does - the absence of an attached robot board throws an exception and the software aborts.

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That is actually ok for that DexterIndustries tutorial program.

I have not used Google Vision in over a year, but when I last did the setup of the GoogleVision permission key was totally different than the prior time I used it. I remember nothing working the way the tutorial showed.

That tutorial is over three years old now.

I found my notes and program from my last usage:

The difficult part about this was setting up the Google Cloud stuff. I already had a project from the Google AIY Voice Kit several years ago, but ended up having to:
  • create a new project
  • enable the vision API for the project
  • create a new credential-service_account-project-Owner-internal-JSON for the project
  • create a new billing account
  • link the billing account to the service_account
  • download the JSON credential file to my mac
  • copy contents of JSON credential file to RPI file /home/pi/Carl/Examples/GoogleCloudVision/