Gopigo 2 can have at the same time 2 sensors

The gopigo 2 can have the line follower and the distance sensor at the same time?


Yes, you can. That’s totally possible. They are found at different addresses.

Thank you!

Can you tell me in which address is each sensor?

Here’s the list of addresses used by the following devices:

  1. GoPiGo2 - address 0x08
  2. DI LineFollower - address 0x06
  3. DI Distance Sensor - address 0x29

Thank you!

In the sensor control panel ,in the I2C goes the line follower and the distance sensor so the gopigo can’t have those sensors at the same time

Yes, that’s in Bloxter (aka in DexterOS). If you really need to use both of them at the same time, you could either go in Python and do it there programmatically or just use a GoPiGo3 instead.

Thank you!