GoPiGo 2 Motors and Lights

Hi Karen,

If my son cannot get this issue resolved, what is the return policy to get a full return on my purchase? I’m not impressed that we cannot get this working as yet and I’ve already spent over $100 with Dexter Industries. I would hope that the money I spent is not going down the (virtual) toilet.



Hello wseepersad, can you tell us what the problem is? You tacked your issue onto another thread without explaining what issues you were seeing, and what you had tried. I just moved this to a new support thread.

We stand 100% behind our products and if you bought something from Dexter Industries, it will either perform as stated or we’ll arrange a return or replacement.

John (Founder of Dexter Industries)

Sorry for the confusion but user profile: Infin8 is my son and it’s been 5 days and no response to his reply, i.e. he is still unable to get the GoPiGo to work. My “frustration” is that he got this for Christmas, spent two weeks trying to figure it out, finally posted to the forum, and it’s almost 4 weeks now (in total) and he hasn’t been able to get the basic things to work. :frowning:

I should add - I would prefer he gets this to work rather than having to return it because there is much learning and fun to be had once he can get the GoPiGo to work. This initial “hiccup” is going on too long - is the point I’m trying to make. :slight_smile:

Hey wseepersad, I’m really sorry! I’ll close this out and return to the previous thread, I didn’t realize that you guys are related or working on the same GoPiGo. Often we have people hop right into the middle of a thread with a new problem. It makes troubleshooting impossible, so we try to separate folks issues out if they’re unrelated. Totally my mistake. Let’s go back here: