GoPiGo 2 Not Powering Up [SOLVED]

I just finished assembling the gopigo 2 I just got and I flipped the power switch but the power LED doesn’t light up. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Cfiertz, Hmm. Can you help with the following:

  • Are you using fresh batteries?
  • Is anything else plugged into the GoPiGo?
  • Can you post a picture of the GoPiGo as it’s setup right now?

Sorry to hear this, we will make sure you get your GoPiGo up and running!


I am using fresh batteries, I ordered rechareable ones from Amazon and they said that they came fully charged, though I have not checked that assumption. Nothing else is plugged into the GoPiGo. I have attached a picture.

I appreciate the help!


Whoops, just noticed the image I tried to attach was too big. Here’s a corrected copy.

Hey charles,
The picture did not upload because it was too big. Can you try uploading a smaller picture.

The first picture didn’t upload, but it looks to me like the second one did. Am I mistaken?

It looks setup correctly. Can you try using fully charged batteries? We’ve heard this before about batteries from Amazon (which are fantastic by the way); sometimes they don’t come fully charged.

Yep, turned out to just be a battery problem. I charged them overnight and now everything looks like it is working fine. Thank you for your help!

Excellent, glad to hear it!