Gopigo 3 and sensors possibilities


I would like to know which sensors use which connector (I2C, serial or analog/digital).
I would like to buy a Gopigo 3 and plug into it a IMU sensor, a distance sensor, a grove vibration sensor, a line follower module and a raspberry camera.
But i cannot know if i will have a problem to connect them, like if they all using the I2C port for example.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @cvanhav,

So with the GoPiGo3 you can use the following sensors on the I2C line:

In a short time we are also going to have a documentation for all these 4 sensors (IMU, Temp/Hum/Press, Light and Color and Distance Sensor), so stay tuned.

Apart from these I2C sensors, there are other kinds of sensors that we already support for the GoPiGo3.
In order to check more, please visit our documentation for the GoPiGo3:

Last but not least, the Pi Camera is supported by default. You just have to plug in the camera’s cable into the Pi’s port.
An example that uses the Pi Camera and the GoPiGo3 is found in the following project:


We support all the sensors you’ve specified plus many other ones.

@RobertLucian thank you for all these details.
For the I2C sensors I will buy a grove I2C hub then, to be able to use them in the same time.

Have a good day


Hi @cvanhav,

Each platform has the following number of I2C ports:

  • The GoPiGo3 - 2 I2C ports.

  • The GrovePi - 3 I2C ports.

  • The BrickPi3 - 1 I2C port.

So, depending on how many I2C devices you ultimately want to connect, you may need an I2C hub.

I’m leaving this thread open as it looks like others may want to comment in the future.

Thank you!