GoPiGo 3 Camera USB Flash Drive Issue


We are trying to connect a camera to our GoPiGo 3, using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB RAM and when we connect a USB Flash Drive, but our computer does not seem to recognise it.

Here are some images related to it:


Does anyone have any advice regarding this issue?



Have you verified the USB Flash Drive is recognized in another computer, Windows, Mac, or Linux?

It is FAT formatted, correct? (Ext-4 not supported)

You are booting with the Flash Drive already inserted, correct?

Did you try the drive in each of the USB ports? (Not sure it makes a difference, but worth a try.)

You did not attempt to update the OS, correct? (Don’t do it!)

What version does it say in the upper right corner?


Another thought:

Verify it’s formatted as FAT-32, not as ex-FAT, as that won’t work.


Hey, thanks for the replies. I have successfully connected the USB to the GoPiGo, its being detected without any issues. I am running the GoPiGo on the latest OS.

I am still having issues however with the Camera module not being detected. I have plugged it in correctly according to the tutorials. The rapiconfig is setup to enable the camera interface so it should be working. I am not sure what else I can troubleshoot and checkk for faults.

I have attached a picture of the connectivity, let me know if anything is plugged in correctly.


Indeed it does look to be correct, but I have seen this not-detected issue before and fixed it by:

  • power off the RPi
  • disassemble the cable from RPi and Camera
  • use a gum eraser to lightly clean both cable end contact areas, then wipe with clean cloth
  • reassemble, and before closing the connector clips - gently wiggle the cable end in the connector

Make sure the contacts on the cable are facing the contacts on the connector.

If I remember rightly, the blue part of the cable should face the movable “clip” part of the connector.

Additionally, make sure the cables are fully inserted.

One last thing:
Make sure the camera’s connector is firmly plugged into the camera board.  You can carefully unplug it by pulling it straight up away from the board.  It should require a bit of effort to remove it, and it should re-install with a noticable “click”.

If this doesn’t resolve your problem, you can try the camera in a different Pi board.  Camera modules do go bad and Pi boards fail too.

Also try a different camera ribbon cable.  99% of the camera problems I have experienced have been traced back to a defective ribbon cable.