Gopigo 3 stop button does not work

Helping my son get into a gopigo3. Assembled it. strated it up. connects to both pc and smartphone. drives when asked to drive. but does not stop when asked to stop. does not drive straight either, but does seem to make the right and left turns when asked to by braking on one wheel. On this forum if ind one-two posts indicating similar issues and subsequentially getting back saying ‘solved’. as if by magic :-). not so in my case. problem persists. and no clue what to do.
I tried getting into basic manuals (on the home page of this forum) but for some reason all links that dexter provides are not coming through on internet. And I am not it-savvy enough to try and see if I can program something to correct the issue.
By the way. We have the dexteros version 2.5. I downloaded the 3.0 also but did not get that one to boot up completely. so I stayed with the 2.5.

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Hi @llmulekom,

I’m sorry to hear that your GoPiGo is misbehaving! A lot of the GoPiGo links on pages are not up-to-date. Please jump on for GPG documentation and getting started help.

I would also try calibrating the motors to see if that straightens its driving. If problems persist please send us an email with your details to

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Important Questions:

  1. What kind of Raspberry Pi are you using?

  2. What operating system and browser are being used with the PC and smartphone? What version of the browser? Is the system and browser language something other than English?

I am really interested in what happened when you tried to use the GoPiGo O/S 3.0. If you have a GoPiGo-3, (red-board), robot and are using a Pi-3 or 4, you should be able to use the GoPiGo 3.0 software.

Perhaps you got a bad download?

Here’s the link to try again:

How did you flash the image to your SD card? Did you try re-flashing the media?

Was the SD card you used a known, name-brand card like Toshiba, Samsung, or SanDisk? Or a reputable store-brand like Micro Center, (which I believe sells re-branded Toshiba flash media)

I have had trouble with other brands of SD cards like Kingston or PNY, (who, if I understand correctly, buy cards from wherever and put their own name on it), or bargain-names like “Prestige”, “Singing Data”, “Best Data” and the like.

Later versions of the Raspberry Pi are very sensitive to the quality of the SD cards used. I have found that the extra money I spend on a top-quality SD card is more than made up for in the total lack of aggravation and angst caused by lower-quality media.

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One other thing:

Contacts on SD cards, especially micro SD cards, are sensitive to dirt and oil contamination caused by handling.

I have revived many a supposedly defective SD card by the simple method of dipping a Q-tip into rubbing alcohol and scrubbing the gold contacts. Let them dry thoroughly and try again.