GoPiGo-3's that DON'T use a Raspberry Pi?



At risk of being burned at the stake as a heretic, I have a thought. . . .

Right now the biggest problem with the GoPiGo-3 robot is the lack of Raspberry Pi boards for them.

I have not actually begun research on this, but I am thinking that, if we can find a replacement board that is pin/connector compatible, and is near enough to being software compatible, than that might be an effective substitute.

Why I think this might work:

  1. Many of the alternative configurations for the Pi make use of Ubuntu, which has been ported to many other boards, including the Nvidia boards.
  2. Assuming the prerequisites can be met, (!!), it should be possible to download the GoPiGo drivers and libraries.
  3. Iā€™m not holding my breath, but it would be nice to try and re-build the current GoPiGo O/S for a different target board.

Significant issues:

  1. Moving things from one platform to another is never as easy as it seems to be at first blush.
  2. A significant assumption is that prerequisites can be made available. This may not be a valid assumption, or it might be a non-trivial exercise.
  3. This also assumes that alternate boards are available in sufficient quantity to be a reasonable substitute - something that may not be true as I have not researched this.

I am interested in your thoughts and ideas, if any.

What say ye?


This idea is indeed on the table.
More to come in April.



Great minds think alike!

If I can get longer spacers, I might try the Nvidia Jetson Nano with the 'bot - that would be killer - especially for the battery! :wink:

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