GoPiGo and Gamepad

I posted part 3 of my blog series a couple of weeks ago and neglected to post a link here.

In part 3 I added the Nerf Gun Turret that Dexter has as one of the projects on this site:

Parts 1 & 2 are here:

I’ll be returning to the GoPiGo in a few weeks. I have a camera and sound sensor object on the shelf. I just need to finish a few other projects, including some code for a Mame cabinet I am working on with a friend. Feel free to sign up for updates via email.

So glad I found this post. I’m just kicking off a robot project using the GoPiGo’s PCB as a ‘brain’, and remote control using a gamepad is a big requirement. Thanks a lot, will post back when I’ve given this a go.

Hope if helps. Let me know.