GoPiGo and GroovePi?

I’ve seen that the distance sensor of the GroovePi is working with GoPiGo but are the other sensors also working? I want to implement more stuff.

And not just working but, also compatible with the GoPiGo Python’s modules?

Thank you very much


indeed, we put extra ports on the GoPiGo so that you can attach more grove sensors to it!

Ok well, but right now with what you sell, is there anyway I can do so? And any code you already have to sync both? Or may I have to wait?

If you are using both the GoPiGo and the GrovePi, you can simply add the GrovePi functions in the GoPiGo scripts that you use. They are pretty independent and it should work out pretty easily.

Let us know what sensor you want to use and share the script that you are using and we’ll help you out if you get stuck.