GoPiGo and Scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 has an offline editor (see -->
Any idea if GoPiGo would work with Scratch 2.0 and are there any plans to bring Scratch 2.0 into the GoPiGo environment?

Hi @BaEL

We are indeed aware of the offline editor. For years it wouldn’t be supported by the Raspberry Pi because it requires Flash. Just recently, Flash support was added on the Pi so it’s definitely one step forward. However, Scratch 2.0 is still a closed world and whatever hardware support they offer is done by the folks at MIT directl, they haven’t opened up their playground.

There are other possibilities (ScratchX, Snap!, Blockly) and we’re evaluating them. I can’t give you a timeline though unfortunately.

I like Scratch and I like the GoPiGo so I wrote a Scratch extension for the GoPiGo3 - The extension works with the Scratch 2.0 offline editor and I used it at several occasions and it worked nicely. Currently working on a Scratch class - (page is in German). Let me know if you need anything or run into trouble.

Wow, that looks like a fantastic and thorough implementation, @marko.kimpel !

While we do have support for the Scratch 2 that’s on the Pi (for GoPiGo3 and GrovePi), yours look more complete, I have to admit :slight_smile: