GoPiGo and Scratch

I am new to the raspberry pi, but really want to get a GoPiGo for my son. I like the idea of starting with scratch, but getting into more programming aspects as we go forward.

One thing i do not understand. To use scratch, i will need to have the raspberry pi hooked up to the monitor via the HDMI cable. What i have seen so far says to just click on the green flag to make the program work.

However, once we program the raspberry pi (whether with scratch or python really), i will want to disconnect the pi from the monitor, then start the program to see if it does what we want to do. The probably hook back up, debug, etc.

Am i missing something in what i have seen? can the gopipgo be told to start the program after disconnecting from the monitor. If so, i plan to order one tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks much for advice to the newbie. Looking forward to working with my son on this.


Hey Mark,

No, I think you have a great plan. What I would recommend is to connect via WiFi. We have some directions for how to do this; then you can control and program your robot over VNC. In this way, you can look at the Raspberry Pi Desktop while it runs around.

Does this make sense?

ok - yes it does. thanks much for letting me know.