Gopigo available with Pi2?

I want to try working with a GoPiGo with a Pi2 on board. I’m more interested in this as a teaching tool for programming logic than as a robotics project, so I’d like to minimize the build part with a complete kit if possible.

Do you have any plans for a GoPiGo kit with the Pi2 instead of the B+? If so, how soon?

If not, will you make an SD card available that is compiled for the P2 so that it will plug-and-play if I add my own P2 to your kit and components?

I’m planning to use this in a classroom. First with the Pi2 alone, then add it to the GoPiGo.

Hey mikeoudar,
Indeed, the GoPiGo works with the Raspberry Pi 2. We tested it a few weeks ago and wrote a blog about it here (

The latest pre-setup image can be found and downloaded here:
( In fact if you buy one of our SD cards, it’s Raspberry Pi 2 compatible and will work fine.

If you’re looking for one of our kits, like the University Kit, these come with the B+. However, you can order all of the components of the B+ right from our website.

Hope that helps! Let me know if I didn’t answer your question.