GoPiGo balancebot

Hi there,

I saw the balancebot project with a BrickPi, but is it also possible to make with an GoPiGo?
For instance using a modding the python file to use it with a Grove gyrosensor?


Simply put, no. The gopigo just isn’t the right shape. It’s meant for driving on all threes, not twos. If you did manage to do it; it would have to be heavily modified. To the point where it wouldn’t be a gopigo; just a robot with gopigo parts. So probably not. You could use the motors and gopigo board possibly but forget not the chassey.

Thank you!
Heaviliy modifing is fun! Can you help how to start experimenting to make a two wheel robot with gopigo board and motors?


I highly don’t reccomend this, but if your dead set on doing it then I can give some pointers. You first need to test the motor response time. If the motors don’t respond quick enough and accurately enough making a balancing bot would be impossible. If the motors work well you would need to modify the case/make new one so the weight is low to the ground and positioned in between the two wheels. As lon as the weight is like that your off to a good start!

apology on some misspelled words. I said deaf instead of dead set.

Again, thank you!
Any thoughts on how to make a gyro/accelerometer work on the board? I’m thinking of a MPU6050. I presume to connect it through the i2c port. Is the brickpi python file workable for this?


Hi @k2403902,

GoPiGo would support this sensor and also you can use this code for using the MPU6050 sensor but not sure to what extent the example code works. Also most of the functions used in BrickPi balance bot have to be created from scratch for GoPiGo. Moreover GoPiGo motors might not be fast enough to react to sudden changes.

You can give it a try and let us know how it goes,


Hi Shoban,

Trying to stretch the boundries of a gopigo here. Making something work will take some serious time so that’s why I guess @graykevinb doesn’t advise to do it.

Research tells me that steppermotors and a great gyrosensor will make a huge difference. Untill now Dexter Industries is the first company to have made a balancebot kit so I’'ll probably try that out first to get some more experience before building a custom setup. Wished they focused on one RPI addon board to rule them all ^^

Thanks for the advice guys!


It is possible, just hard. Have fun! I’d love to see that thing when finished!