GoPiGo board

Hi to all the folk at Dexter Industries. Just wanted you to know that now the kinks have been worked out of my GoPiGo 2, I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of Mission 2. Great job!

Now, I have a few different robot chassis sitting around that I would love to power via Raspberry Pi boards. Is it at all possible to purchase the GoPiGo board separate from the entire kit? You provide the pieces-parts for all aspects of the GoPiGo kit except for the important control board. Any possibility?

Thank you very much.

Hi larry,
Great to hear that the GoPiGo is working well for you. You should be getting the Mission2 shortly.

Sadly, we don’t sell individual GoPiGo boards right now. We might sell it in the future but we don;t have an ETA on that yet. Right now the next best thing would be the base robot kit for the GoPiGo from here:


Just agreeing with what Karan posted; we’re on our way with this and have some individual boards ordered. We should have it up in the next month or two!