GoPiGo boot - no green WiFi light but WiFi enabled, can't connect


USB plugged into Pi. WiFi SSID came up. Connected to it from a Win10 laptop. Opened Chrome, went to Got the same screen, “(PI ONLY)” in the upper left corner, pushbuttons for “Start coding in Bloxter” and “Learn more about Bloxter.”


Oh right, it gets in this weird mode …
Can you enter directly ?


That works. I get

ls: cannot access ‘/dev/spi*’: No such file or directory


Thanks @woody

We’re currently looking into getting a fix to you. We’ll be as fast as possible.


Thanks. I’ll be away from my desk (and the GoPiGo) until the end of the week.


I know you’re away but you’ll get this when you come back.
I’m interested in getting a copy of your SD card for better debugging.

For this, you would need to download Win32DiskImager and read in your SD card. This will create a .img file on your computer. Are you able to zip it and put it for download somewhere ?

Other option would be to mail your actual SD card in. However an electronic copy is fine for debugging.



Can do, when I get back home, but the SD card is one that I bought from Dexter just a couple of weeks ago. Version 2.1.2, if memory serves.


Thank you for doing this.

Let us know when you’ve got the time to do it and send us a link :slight_smile: .


Here ya go. 8 GB.


Scratch that. Do you have someplace I can send (FTP?) an 8 GB IMG file?


Do you need an IMG file, or can I just zip and send the files on the SD card?


Hello again @woody
Yes we would need the IMG file, so we can boot up a robot with it.
On the first boot, there’s a bunch of stuff that runs automatically, and something went wrong with your robot. This is the only surefire way of knowing what.
That said, I’ll have another DexterOS_update for you in a couple of hours.

Thanks for your help on debugging this,


Why didn’t dropbox work? Usually that’s the way we handle this file transfer.


I don’t have 8 GB of free space in Dropbox.


But, duh, I have 8GB free in OneDrive. Use this link!AjCYMUGO_d7UgthUrZji6T0qlQEenA


Hey, I just drop off here, I got a gopigo3 last week and got the exactly same issue, would like to watch the issues fixed here to see if it can help me as well.



I got it off OneDrive, thanks! (and good old OneDrive, it always has free space :slight_smile: )

I’ll be working on it tomorrow hopefully.


(I’ve since upgraded Dropbox, but yep OneDrive can be, uh, occasionally useful.)


Any update on this @cleoqc ? I have been having the same issue as well… :confused:


I have an experimental image for you to try. We’re still testing it out (as I cannot reproduce the original problem, it’s a bit of a challenge). If you’re willing to test it out - it cannot harm your hardware in any way, I’ll send you a link.