GoPiGo Browser Streaming Robot

Please check this link. My daughter followed the instructions line by line and the project will not work. She cannot connect when she enters http://raspberrypi.local in her browser.

When she connects to the pi using the IP address and uses the VNC interface all she sees is a pixelated screen and an “X” that she can move with the mouse.

Hey sparx,
Can you try using dex.local:98 or “192.168.x.x:98” (ip address:98) in the address bar and see if that helps. Can you also post the output on the terminal that you get when you start the example program in python.


That solved the streaming issue by using port 98. Sharp video.

Now it is back to the GoPiGo controls and server controls projects.


There are no robot controls displayed, red dots, on my screen to control my robot as are displayed on the video that is included in this project. What is needed to be done to make this happen?


Sparx, help me understand your last comment: are the red dots to control the wheels not showing or are they showing?

There are no red dots showing to control the wheels.