GoPiGo Build

We had an awesome GoPiGo build this weekend at Nova Labs! We had 9 pairs of parent/child that came and built their own GoPiGo!

Hi, I am about to embrace the GoPiGo journey. I am testing the model at home before I use w/ my students. I finally got the connections. My next question, if I have five GoPiGo going in the classroom, can I have five laptops or chromebooks via CINCH program the robots? Do I need to pair the laptop w/ the robot? How are other teachers using this in the classroom?

Hi @ecerny,

Yes you can have five laptops or chromebooks connected to five different cinch robots. By default all cinch images have their hostname and access point name as dex.

In order to distinguish one robot from another you will have to assign an unique hostname to each of the robots which also appear as their access point name.After changing the hostname you will have to reboot your Pi twice for the access point name to be changed.

After changing the access point names you will have to connect to them by choosing the robot name on the wireless devices list that appear on the laptop.

To change the hostname on your cinch follow the instructions given here under the heading “Changing the Hostname on the SD Card”.

You can refer to this tutorial to connect to cinch after changing the hostname.

Please let us know if this helps,