GoPiGo Camera Install Problem

OK. We have arrived at the point where I can login to the GoPiGo through a web browser on my iPad and my daughter can login through her iPhone 5s and run the Scratch Demo. The demo works. Yeah!! We are also able to login simultaneously to the Pi and work on the Scratch screen together.

The GoPiGo was shutdown and the motors unplugged. My daughter finished the assembly of the servo package and the Pi camera. She showed me that there is no way possible that this camera can be connected to the Pi board header with the supplied camera flex cable. Are we missing something here? It looks like the camera cable is way too short. What solution do you have for this challenge?


Hey Sparx, so glad to hear that everything is connected and working! That’s great news. If you get a chance, can you mark the post as solved or let us know the problem is solved on the thread you had problems with?

We have some instructions on how to assemble and attach the camera. They’re here:

If those aren’t working, can you send us a picture illustrating the problem?


See the photos. The flex cable is way too short.


So you don’t need to run the ribbon through the GoPiGo body, just between the GPG board and Pi. Your post brings up a good point, we could use a better video explanation of how to setup the camera with the GPG. I will work on that.

John thanks for the reply. I can send you more photos showing the problem with the flexible cable even when it is not routed through the chassis slot. There is just not enough flexible cable to connect it to the Pi header and mount the Pi back on the interface board. Maybe you can check this out in the lab. I may be missing something here. I have tried just about every cable routing path from the camera to the Pi and come up with the same result.


I hope these photos illustrate the problem with the camera installation. The camera flex cable is too short. You cannot mount the camera on the servo mounting with the camera connected to the Pi camera connector.

As you may see from the photos, all I am able to do is hang the camera off on one screw on the camera mount that is attached to the servo unit. This will not adequately secure the camera to the mounting in a fixed orientation and also will not allow the servo to rotate to the right without possibly damaging components.

Offhand I would suggest that the camera flexible cable needs to be longer. Do you have a longer camera cable available?


I made a video on how to install this the other day:

Thanks John for the video. I want to mount the camera on the body platform. Here is my solution. I could not find an 8" camera cable so the 12" cable is used.


Hey Sparx, I’m glad you found a solution. Your picture is great!