[GoPiGo] Change the program of AT328

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to program the microcontroler AT328 of the GoPiGo?, How I can do it ?

Thank you in advance

Technically yes. You’d have to literally somehow take it off and solder a new one on. Then you’d modify the firmware. By that time just make a custom board. Can I ask why you want to do this?

Thank you for your answer @graykevinb .

But I also saw that there is ISP header on the GoPiGo board to program the AT328 :

So with a USB ISP programmer compatible with ATMEGA328, it is possible to change the program on the AT328.

I want to do this in order to implement a complete PID motion control for the GoPiGo. The PID which is currently implement on the official firmware is too basic and doesn’t fit with my need.

Yes you can make a modify the firmware.
Info on how to do that is here: