GoPiGo Compatibility

All the projects I have been looking at say GoPiGo 3 in the title. I have a GoPiGo 2 and was wondering if the projects and examples for the GoPiGo 3 are compatible with the GoPiGo 2, or if you have separate projects and examples for the GoPiGo 2. I really want to do the stuff on my GoPiGo 2 without having to spend $100 on a new one.


Hello @Ryan
The question is tricky as it depends which level you’re targetting. The hardware is very different, and so are the drivers.

If you use DexterOS with Bloxter, we made the blocks support both robots.
If you use Python with easygopigo, it has wrappers around the differences.

on GoPiGo2:

import easygopigo as easy
gpg = easy.EasyGoPiGo()

on GoPiGo3:

import easygopigo3 as easy
gpg = easy.EasyGoPiGo3()

And then the rest of the code is the same. Some functionalities are just not available on the GoPiGo2 like opening and closing the eyes as there are no eyes on that robot. But a good part of the libraries are the same.


I don’t remember what I am using with my GoPiGo. When I got it I followed the instructions for assembling the GoPiGo2, and I am not sure if some of the software has recently been added or if I just never got it. If I got one of your micro sd cards would everything I needed be on it or would I still need to install extra software?

Hi @Ryan,

Generally, you just need our Raspbian For Robots (or at least an official image of Raspbian) and then you need to run one of the 2 commands:

# for installing the deps for the GoPiGo3
curl | sudo bash
# or this for getting the GoPiGo2 ready
curl | sudo bash

Here’s a link to our image:

You take that and burn it on a micro SD card.

Hope this is clear for you.

Thank you!

Hello - on a similar question regarding compatibility. I have a GoPiGo Ver. 1 and need to download the correct firmware for this and having a bit of trouble finding something not for Ver. 2 or 3.

FYI: MY SD card needed to be replaced and need assistance getting up and running again.

Thanks much,

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