GoPiGo doesn't stop when told to


Once my GoPiGo is moving it won’t stop and just gets stuck on the first comman.

In Drive mode, if I click forward, the stop in the middle of the screen or space-bar do not stop it. The stop in the top right of the screen does stop it
If it’s turning then a froward command will override turning but then it is stuck going forward.

I’ve also tried running some of the sample programs in Python and it does the same thing. Once there is a command for it to go forward, it gets stuck and doesn’t stop moving forward.



Hi @pancho,

Can you tell us what version of DexterOS are you using? Also, what GoPiGo are we talking about? The 2 or the 3?

Thank you!


Version 1.3.2, GoPiGo3


Hello @pancho,
sorry we’ve been quiet. I’m assuming you still have the issue? Can you send us photos of the motors, especially the part with the little spinning disk in front?