GoPiGo Drive Doesn't Work Normally

After programming in Bloxter and then switching to Drive mode, the robot does not move accordingly to the arrow keys (ex: left arrow makes the robot move forward, the spacebar does not stop the robot, etc.) or just turns to the right over and over. When it is disconnected from the wifi, the GoPiGo keeps turning in a circle.

Is there a way to fix this issue? Could it be a hardware issue?

Hello @Cici,
it could totally be a hardware issue. Please check the encoders. Those are the 2 little sensors on each side of the disk at the back of the motors.


They should be level with the disk and within a couple of millimeters (note they are not fine in the above photo)

Thanks for replying @cleoqc,

The encoders seem to be level with the disks. I think there is probably something loose in the robot that is causing it, but I am not sure what it could be. I might have to rebuild the robot later.

Could you possibly take a video of what’s happening? It might help us in figuring out what’s going on.

Unfortunately, I can not. But I can describe what happened when I connected it this morning.

When I activated the drive program after connecting the robot to the wifi, I hit the up arrow button. The robot went in a straight line briefly before turning to the right as to make one full rotation.
When I turned off the robot using the power button, the light next to the power button flashed red before stopping. I am not sure if the flashing red light is normal though.