GoPiGo Factory Reset

Hi! I have a GoPiGo 2 and I can’t get wifi(see later in this topic why I can’t get a wifi dongle). I also forgot my password and I only have one account(far as I know;there might be a hidden admin account.). For materials: I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with wifi running Raspbian With PIXEL, my mom’s windows laptop(no software downloads allowed no matter what; file downloads OK), and a 2009 desktop mac. (software can be approved; not all allowed[file downloads OK]) I also have a 1TB usb external hard drive and, of course, my GoPiGo micro sd card(I know it has enough space because I one used it before I lost my password) and its usb adapter. Each computer has at least two free usb ports. Can someone please help me factory reset my GoPiGo or recover my password?

Hi @2231puppy! To “reset”/fix your issues you would need to rewrite the operating system to your SD card, no worries it is super simple. However you will need one program to do it. So first you need to decide on which OS to use. It sounds like you currently are using Raspbian. Because you are new I recommend trying Raspbian for Robots because it has everything you need to get started with your GoPiGo2. Raspbian for Robots is also created by Dexter Industries. (Some software like Minecraft won’t come with it though, but you can install that stuff later.)

Install Raspbian for Robots

Dexter Industries had a nice tutorial on how to do it.

Install Raspbian

Same steps as above except you’ll use the Raspbian image.
Go to the link and select Raspbian Jessie with Desktop.
You will also need to set up your GoPiGo2 on there. So after booting up run in the terminal gt clone after that complete type cd GoPiGo/Setup/ That brings you into the setup directory. To install type chmod +x && ./ Reboot and you should be good to go! If this is all too complex just use Raspbian For Robots.

Last resort, buy new SD card

You can also just buy a new SD card, but I don’t recommend this. Why? Well every single time your SD card get’s corrupt, you forget your password, etc … That’s a lot of wasted money … Regardless you can buy the Raspbian for Robot image here. and just one of the places you can get a Raspbian SD card is Adafruit
There is also Amazon if course and other places too.

If you don’t understand something I said just ask. My instructions may have been to dense.

How to Recover Password.

If possible I would try this before redoing your SD card.
First the default password for Raspbian is “raspberry” and the default password for Raspbian for Robots is “robots123” Secure right! Anyways if you didn’t change the password try those. If that doesn’t work does your Pi boot to the desktop? If it does open a terminal and type sudo passed pi it will then prompt you to reset he password. If your pi doesn’t boot to the desktop try this tutorial to reset your password:

How to Fix WiFi

Not sure exactly what your issue with the WiFi is, but you don’t​ need the adapter.
Whichever OS you decide to use, this tutorial still applies:

I hope that answers all your questions, if there was anything that didn’t work or something I didn’t explain well :wink: just ask. :slight_smile:

Have fun with your GoPiGo2!!

It’s actually robots1234

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I tried the password reset. It was going well until I tried to save the edits that I made to the file cmdline.txt. It wasn’t letting me save the changes. I was doing it on my RPi because I knew that the mac computer didn’t read the files correctly. The windows computer wasn’t available at the time, but I will try again when it is. I can’t factory reset anything because now I can’t get any software on the mac. Are there any other ways to do it?

Do not do it on windows, you can’t without installing software. Microsoft’s “superior” text editor, notepad isn’t exactly compatible with linux… You should be able to do it on your Mac, but let’s start with your pi. My guess is that you don’t have the file permissions. This can simply be fixed. In a terminal type sudo leafpad. I’m assuming you were using leafpad.
Running graphical programs with sudo is a really bad practice, I’m telling you to this for simplicity, understand?

If I heard you right and you have another Pi, or another sd card that works you are in luck! You can actually crate a copy a copy of Raspbian from a raspberry pi!

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@graykevinb is right, but with an exception: You can use a Windows machine, but use an editor like NotePad++ to edit the cmdline.txt file. You want to avoid CRLF line endings, or the Raspberry Pi (and any linux machine) will reject the file.

Yes, I forgot about that! However @2231puppy can’t install software on the windows computer so that can’t work.

Problem solved, I got my own computer and used Etcherto re-image it. Thank you!