GoPiGo firmware version not 1.0.x but 0.3.4

I got a gopigo3 3 days back! I am trying to work it out! I am using normal Raspbian OS.
I installed GoPiGo’s libraries by following command-

sudo curl -kL | bash

then I created a simple python sketch to move bot forward and backward!
But it is giving fatal error, saying that firmware version is not 1.0.x, it is 0.3.4
I have updated the firmware but nothing happens?? HELP!!

Hi @sakshambhutani2001,

For installing everything, it should have been something like:

curl -kL | sudo bash

Using it without sudo will ignore some dependencies, so I suggest you run it this way.

Now, for updating the firmware, you have to run the flasher manually:

bash GoPiGo3/Firmware/

This will get it installed and you should have a functional robot.

Thank you!

Your file path for the firmware script was a bit off… but so far so good!
I am having similar issues.
Thanks for the lines of code!

Path was (is)
/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Firmware/ then the script.