GoPiGo + GoBox vs. GoBox with GoPiGo2

I am looking into getting a class set of robots to replace our aging super crickets for my high school robotics class, and like what I see so far of the Dexter products. I am leaning towards the GoBox, but am unsure of the difference between the GOPiGo and the GoPiGo2 mentioned in the kickstarter campaign. Can I order GoBox with GPG2, or should I just get the GPG1? When will the GoBox projects be avail able to order? I have to go through our district purchase order process, so the kickstarter campaign was not an option.

I am hoping to have something in hand by mid-january at the latest for second semester, as the super crickets are starting to break down, and the supplier has closed their doors.

Any advice on my best option is appreciated.

Hi Igomes,

Thanks for your questions. The biggest difference between the GPG1 and GPG2 is that it is easier to build, more durable, and a bit easier to use because we’ve made a lot of upgrades to the software. (note: software improvements will be available for everyone in their update, even if they have the GPG1).

The GoBox only comes with GPG2. The big difference between just GPG and GoBox is that GoBox comes with a monthly mission and sensor. This means that every month for the rest of the year you will get a new project to work on with your class.

GoBox is available on our site now as a pre-order, and the first GoBox (which is the GPG2) will ship this December, so you would have it in time for your class in January.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!

Is the GoBox available for education/class sets? Also, if I would need to place the order as a P.O., who do I need to contact to get that processed. Your order page indicates that P.O.s require approval, but not who to contact.

Hey lgomes, we are planning on having a education / class set, yes! We haven’t setup the software we need to handle purchasing of it through our website yet. However, you can contact us about a PO. I would recommend that you contact us here:

And setup a PO.

Just wanted to followup, did you ever get in touch with us through our contacts page?