GoPiGo going round in circles

We have just built and installed our GoPiGo but we are having a problem with it. It is responding well to commands except it goes in circles instead of going straight, both forwards and backwards. We have tried trimming it but even on maximum trim it still goes left.

I noticed that my daughter has taken the covering off the sensors and having read the forums suspect that this might be the problem. If so, how do I get hold of replacement sensors? I am in the UK.

Does the GoPiGo lean a bit towards either left or right or is it just going in circles.

Also, what result do you get when you give “f” command in the ( a couple of times? If you put the GoPiGo on top a platform, do you see something wrong when you give the “w”,”a”,”s” and “d” commands to the GoPiGo from the basic_test_all program.


Hi Karan,

We are running firmware version 1.3 and have used your Raspian for Robots image. The robot doesn’t lean, the motor on one side is running much faster than the one on the other and the wheel is turning faster.


Here is a video of the gopigo going forwards and backwards.



Here is a video of the gopigo going forwards and backwards.

It does respond okay to commands (forward, backward, left and right) the problem is only that it does not go straight.


Same issue here. Was there a solution offered?

Hey Darrell, can you describe what’s happening with your GoPiGo? What have you done, tried, and where are you stuck?

Hi John - the left wheel was going quite a bit faster than the right. But the clue I saw was there’s a trim procedure, which I found. So, I upgraded to firmware 1.3 and did that procedure per instructions. Seems to be going fairly straight now. I’m only on day two of the GoPiGo kit, so still learning my way around this site and the instructions. Also, the page I did find ( does not have a date stamp, so not sure how current it is. Is FW 1.3 the one to be on? Thanks!

Darrell, thanks for the note. That’s fantastic news that it’s working. Indeed, the trim is a supported function.

I have the same problem here from day one.
I just update to firmware 16.
Now I set the left speed to 100 and the right speed to 150 and its alsmost straight forward.

Input, glad to hear the problem is now taken care of!

same for us. robot shiped begin on november 2015

One motor is faster than theother.

is this normal ?

Lepirlouit, yes. You can correct the issues here: