GoPiGo LED Lights

Hi, I just finished to assemble GoPiGo3 basic starter kit and turned it on. Based on the step-by-step guide, it was supposed to have green light on wifi antenna LED. But I didn’t get any light on it. I have red light for GoPiGo red board and my wifi dongle is blinking green. Does anyone know why I have this situation and how can I set wifi?

Hello @ragini.turkar,

Does your SD card indicate it’s DexterOS, or Raspbian for Robots? They will have different behaviours.


I have SD- card Raspbain


Hello @ragini.turkar
The wifi led only works with DexterOS, as it’s the only one that offers an access point.
With Raspbian, you have to connect your robot to your home/work/school wifi.