GoPiGo Line Following

I have Raspberry Pi 2 and can’t wait to get my hands on a good robot car starter kit. I have googled a lot about GoPiGo and also looked for an answer in this forum before posting this topic. I am a beginner so forgive me if these questions sound silly.

Before I buy GoPiGo, I’d like to confirm whether it is practical to build a line following robot using GoPiGo. I expect the quality of line following on par with other starter kits (like Pi2Go) out there if not better.

Again, I am asking this before I couldn’t find an article or a single video demonstrating this.

Moreover, with Pi 2 around, will it be practical to use camera to track object, face, drawn lines etc. in real time?


We’re working on a line follower right now. It will of course be high quality and easy to use. It’s not available at the moment, but it should be ready very soon.

We don’t have any good object tracking tutorials for face or drawn lines yet. However, there are a few good ones and indeed, the Pi 2 is going to be your best bet as its a very process intensive algorithm to run!



So good to see your reply John. Thank you.

Do you mean it is going to be next hardware version of GoPiGo?

I’m asking this because if it only a software upgrade or a component change I could buy GoPiGo right now and upgrade it later.

If it is something like GoPiGo V2, I’d rather wait.


Hey Ravi, it’ll be compatible with older versions. No upgrade will be needed (except for firmware, which will still be free of course!).