GoPiGo LIne Sensor [SOLVED]

The GoPiGo Hardware and Port Descript page has 3 analog line sensor ports labeled. I can’t find any other reference to these ports on the web site. Are they thru the Python library? What are the specs? I have three GrovePi Line Sensors that would like to use, but I don’t have enough info to do so.

The line sensor header is connected to three analog pins on the Atmega328P micro-controller on the GoPiGo. These pins can be accessed directly from the GoPiGo and allow people to directly connect 3 analog sensors to these lines line. You can connect analog line sensors to these and use them to follow a line with the GoPiGo.

I have attached the breakout for the adapter. If you don;t want to make your own line sensor and you are interested in line following projects, you should follow our Kickstarter here: . We are going to launch a line follower in time for the holidays.


Karan - thanks, I have already read about the kickstart, sounds great and the line follower is just what I need, but a little too late. My class is learning Python now and I want to have them do line following in a few weeks.

I don’t see an attachment for the adapter breakout. Am I going blind?

For the 6 pin header on the GoPiGo, we don;t sell an adapter as such, but we have this which should work with it: You can pretty much use any standard .1 jumpers with it.

For the newer line sensor we ended up not using the 6 Pin adapter for the line follower since it could only support 3 sensors. We added a microcontroller on the line sensor itself which gives us very fast response and we use I2C for communications which you can connect directly to the Grove I2C port.


Is there a breakout of the pins? I can fabricate whatever the adapter needs to be.

wmatchett, what do you mean by breakout? Like a breakout to a PCB board or breadboard?

We have a schematic of the GoPiGo, published here:

Breakout is the word Karan used above. What I hope she means is a pin description of the line following port that would tell me how to crate an adapter to connect three GrovePi Line Finders to it.

You can check the pin layout in the attached picture. The power is given by a single 5V line and the output can be read on A1, A2 and A3 analog lines.


Thanks! This is what I was looking for.